Here at Lift Off we are strong believers in helping people find their passions by offering them the chance of experiencing different things they may not have had an opportunity to try before or thought about doing.


Great for mind, body and discipline. Guests train with world class instructors to learn basic and advance techniques at your own pace. Not sure if its for you? Just come watch. This is a judge free zone.


Living near the Pacific Ocean has its perks. Let’s take advantage of it. Guests are taught from step 1 of how to ride a wave. Fun day at the beach and a great workout.


Turn a hobby into a career. Life doesn’t have to be boring after sobriety and finding your passion is part of the fun. Travel, work with models, use your creativity to make a living. What more could anyone ask for. Guests will do hands on learning with industry established photographers and models.


There is a big stereotype that women do all the cooking. Did you know most of the worlds top chefs are men? Here we explore cooking with some renown chefs and how becoming a chef doesn’t mean having to work at your local restaurant. Learn to apply yourself to create something bigger.


Train your mind and body to endure the rigorous world of boxing. Guests will train with influential coaches and athletes from the boxing world. Master your mind through boxing.


Being sober doesn’t mean boring. Guests will have the opportunity to go see some of their favorite artists while being 100% supervised by Lift Off. Let us show you that a good time can be had sober.