Unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all treatment programs derived from the medical world, we start by building a relationship and understanding the unique needs of our clients. It’s our core belief that before we can effectively participate in a person’s recovery, we must first build mutual trust and respect

Our tailored approach allows our clients the flexibility to participate in industry-leading treatment options on their schedule. Other recovery programs will force clients into a regimented schedule that is unsustainable post-treatment center. Lift Off presents treatment in a real-world timeframe with choose-your-own-hours for therapy, so clients can have a better chance at sustaining their recovery.

In addition to freedom within the program, we teach our clients to confront their triggers and to be aware of them. By giving uncomfortable trigger areas a focus, we are able to treat the root cause of the client’s issue.


Don’t like group therapy sessions? That’s ok. At Lift Off, we individualize your program to give you as much individual therapy or group therapy as you want.


Traditional Programs: Wake up at 7am. Breakfast at 8am. 9-4pm regimented group/individual therapy

Lift Off: Flexible wake up time. Group sessions and individual therapy run from 8am – midnight. Choose your time slots so you are actually in therapy when you want to be.